Friday, 19 August 2016

Planner Friday - August

It's Planner Friday again today and I have been on the Trendy Twine blog sharing what I have in my planner pouch.  Please pop over and take a peek!

Hello!  I thought I would do something a little different for Planner Friday today and show you my "everyday carry" planning supplies.    
I keep a pen in the loop of my planner but I like to have a few more products with me when I am on the go.  I keep them in a little travel pouch which holds lots of goodies but doesn't take up too much room in my bag.    

Annie's Paper Boutique products:

Pens, paper clips & pencils

I like to have a few colourful pens with me and some note cards and journal tags to record memories and reminders.

You can read the rest of my post here.

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Sunday, 31 July 2016

My week #26

This week I used the last of the vertical layout sample pages I was given by Kirsty from Just So Stationery.  They were dated for the beginning of June so I used a bit of correction tape to change the numbers which you can see but it doesn't really bother me.   

My week #26

I also decided to use the Evening sections differently this week, I covered up the headings with a strip of washi tape and added my own.  They are Happiness, Brain Dump, Finances, Shopping List and Thoughts.  I liked having these little spaces for notes and reminders and it made the inserts work even more for me. 

I am very tempted to order some more of this style layout, I have really enjoyed using them!  I do already have a set of Just of Stationery horizontal pages that will last me until the end of the year though and I don't want to waste them (I hate being wasteful!).  I will have to make my mind up soon or it will suddenly be 2017 and time to buy new inserts anyway!  

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Saturday, 30 July 2016

My week #25

You might have seen most of this week's layout in my Planner Friday post on the Trendy Twine blog but here it is completely filled in.

My week #25

I really like the vertical layout, it has been nice to change up how I do my weekly planning.  As the days are split into Morning, Afternoon and Evening I had space to record my meals throughout the week but as the days went on I realised that it wasn't really working for me.  I think if I was to use the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner stamps again it would be for planning the meals ahead instead so I can make sure I use things up before their use by date and add the bits I need to my shopping list so I am prepared.

I am spending this morning catching up on my My Week posts and scheduling them to publish over the next few days so keep an eye out for them if you want to see more of my layouts.

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Friday, 29 July 2016

Planner Friday - July

I want to start by saying sorry for the lack of posts recently!  My internet provider has been "upgrading" the cables in our area which has either left me with no internet at all or a cripplingly slow connection that has made me want to through my laptop away!  I have taken lots of photos while I have been offline so I am going to be working my way through and writing the posts to go with them as soon as I can.

Anyway, today is Planner Friday again over on the Trendy Twine blog!  Please pop over and say hi.  

Hello!  I am Amanda from She's Eclectic and I'm here for another Planner Friday!  I love to create pretty and practical planner pages using products from Annie's Paper Boutique, they help keep me organised and have some fun while I do it too!

Products used: 

My pages are usually pretty full when my children are at school, there always seems to be a club, assembly or performance going on that I need to write down!  Now it is finally the summer holiday here in the UK I have quite a lot of empty space to play with so I decided to break out my journaling stamps again.

Journaling stamps 

You can read the rest of my post here.

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

My week #24

This is my second week using the vertical inserts from Just So Stationery, I used some skinny washi tape around the edges of the pages this time and went back to using my Trendy Page Dot reinforcements.

My week #24

I know I have previously complained about not being able to read things written and stamped in yellow ink when I check my planner in the evening but it was such a sunny day when I was decorating the pages I was just drawn to the colour!  I made sure I checked my to dos and reminders while it was still light enough to read them this time and that worked just fine.

Close up

Close up

All of the stickers I used this week and last week are from Chocho And Mimi on Etsy, I think they are very cute!  Dani has an amazing range of stickers and I have an ever growing collection of them!  I love the little personalised thank you cards she adds to each order too, they are so pretty.  

Chocho And Mimi stickers

Did you take the The Pen Company's Big Stationery Survey during National Stationery Week?  Well the results are now in and I will be sharing them with you soon.  The good news is stationery love is still alive and kicking, we are not alone!

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Planner Friday - June

Today is Planner Friday and I am on the Trendy Twine blog again sharing how I decorate my weekly pages, please pop over and take a peek!

Hi!  It's Planner Friday again and I want to show you another fun layout I have created using Annie's Paper Boutique products.  I kept this week pretty simple and only used stamps and washi for decoration but I think it looks rather cute!

Planning my week

I used skinny washi tape around the edge of my pages and added an extra pop of colour with some sweet pink Trendy Page Dots.  I paired the pink with black for a nice, clean look and used some heart stamps from the You & Me set for decoration.

Products used:


You can read the rest of my post here.

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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Getting out of my planner funk - changing things up (featuring my week #23)

In my last post I mentioned I had been in a bit of a planner funk recently and that I was going to change the weekly inserts I use to shake things up a little.  I had seen these vertical style inserts from Just So Stationery and loved the layout but I wasn't sure how well they would work for me day to day.  Kirsty (the lovely lady behind Just So Stationery) very kindly sent me a sample set so I could give them a go and I have to say I love them!

Vertical week on two pages

The week days are split into three boxes for Morning, Afternoon and Evening and there are a couple of spaces for notes at the top and bottom of each day.  The weekend has the same note spaces but just one box per day.  When I am using horizontal weekly inserts I like Saturday and Sunday to have the same amount of space as the rest of the week days but I don't mind them being smaller in this layout.  

First half of my week

I wrote my daily reminders at the top of each day and used the space underneath to record my blog stats.  I also added my to do items to the section of the day I thought I would complete them.  I found it quite handy to have my days split into segments and I got used to the different style of layout quickly!

Second half of the week

Changing things up really helped me get my groove back, I have been using my organiser a lot more and I am enjoying spending time planning again.  The samples I was given are for the whole month of June so I have some more weekly spreads to show you using them.  

I will also be back tomorrow for another Planner Friday so I hope to see you then!